Shopping Stress Almeria

Today was a bit hectic day. There were too many things to do before we left Almeria – Shopping Stress Almeria.
For example, they wanted a new logbook for us on the ship, but unfortunately Almeria didn’t have the quality we wanted.
Many things such as thick copper cables for connecting a generator, aluminum perforated sheet metal Velcro and a replacement for the outboard engine were not available.
Buying a gas bottle is similarly difficult, you only get it if you make a contract through an agency and the first one is delivered but unfortunately not in the bay in front of the port. They are in stock at the petrol stations, but you have to return an old one. Unfortunately, our new business cards are still being delayed and hadn’t arrived yet either. On the other hand, there was so much threshold during the night that sleep was not very restful.

Things like glasses cleaning cloths don’t exist here, but that’s a luxury problem – still Shopping Stress Almeria.

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