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If your sailing – not without Dyson

We love Dyson and to put it bluntly, it’s one of the things that keeps us organized and always clean on board.
A year ago our Dyson was just standing in the corner of the living room and did its job well, but nobody paid attention to it, nobody treated it with care – well, maybe emptied a little for a moment, but that’s it.

But now we have swapped our apartment for a year with the open sea and live on a sailboat. Everything has changed fundamentally. Yes, we are now independent, but unfortunately also independent of electricity, which means that devices that work quite well with 220 volts no longer work for us, shore power for a short time, definitely a great thing for charging, but nothing more. We considered leaving our beloved Dyson at home to store it, but we didn’t see the point of it on a boat at all.
We don’t have any carpets, just a few small ones. we have teak, we have a smooth floor, but actually we thought we could do without Dyson.
But somehow we still took it with us, screwed it into the corner next to the couch so that it wouldn’t fall down and it also gets some charging current from time to time.
Until the memorable day when we made a good trip with a banked position and a side wall up to the deck in the water, it was also rather inconspicuous.
It just did its job well and was hung on the wall there. But on that memorable day, so much fell on the ground that we thought was safe. Starting with a kilogram of coffee. This coffee then spread all over the floor, it flew once to the left and once to the right during the swaying ride and looked for every crack.
In a sailing boat, of course, this also means under the bottom in the bilge. And there was the coffee next to a lot of other things, some spices and the like, and our dear dyson removed it perfectly as soon as we discovered a new spot where there was something else. And now our ship is spotlessly clean and we are sitting here on board in a beautiful harbor actually talking about our beloved Dyson. And we hope that it will continue to do its job for a super long time.

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