Malta carnival 2023 – absolutly great

A small episode of our trip to Malta. We were here in Malta to devote ourselves to many things and to spend a relaxing time with friends in the marina, the city also appealed to us a lot and we have been out and about a lot in the area for sightseeing or just shopping.
And actually we are not carnival people at all but rather those who celebrate one or two days a year. Malta carnival 2023 really surprised us. without knowing it, we walked into the middle of the carnival parade and it was something of a gigantic, so bright and colorful, with many dancers – it feels like in Brazil and I’m sure when this carnival is over then they will next weigh already built for next year. because the effort that is being made here to create something so wonderful definitely needs time and preparation.
I was at several cranivals during my life. Cologne was really nice, not like Malta carnival 2023, but cologne isa much bigger city.
In my home town, there was in my childhood a nice carnival – mostly because a lot of local people are involved.
BUT – I’ve never see so much vans that got a great movement, so much lightshows on the vaans itself, and the vans so big.
Don’t forget, the streets of Valetta are tight, it was a old town with a lot of historical background. But the build the vand, so that they could expand and make a great show if there is a wide area during the parade.
But it was not only the great presetation, malta carnival 2023 was so fantastic, because we got friends from netherlands that attend this great party with us. Everyone on the streets was so friendly and a lot of people celebrating the event.
Many thanks to everyone who put such a great move on their feet.

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