A great name was designed

Something funny on the side:
many have already asked for the name – and how to come up with such a funny one : it’s very simple.

When we started to realize our dream and made more and more preparations and then gradually published what we actually want to do – namely to travel the world in a sailing boat, many said: you two are crazy.

In German one would say “madness for two” and in French “Folie a deux”.

Unfortunately, many other people have already come up with the idea of ​​naming their boat that way, I suspect, because many have already heard from their fellow human beings or acquaintances that it is a crazy idea.

Unfortunately, the name is a bit too common.

After some deliberation, we decided – what is known as an acronym, which is a word made up of syllables or abbreviations.
“Folie A2” is then pronounced “Folie a deux” in French, the original name we actually want to have.

So everything is very simple and completely normal

And – if you like to watch – even Warner Bros like this name :

and on Amazon i could recommend :

German :


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