A weekly market is hiding

We arrived in Aguilas – a beautiful small town, typically Spanish, clean with many nice little shops, but not a big shopping mile that will blow your mind, but rather well-chosen and you can get everything you need.

We are currently in the bay in front of the port because we cannot get into the port because of our draft and have had nice weather for four days now – unfortunately there is some swell, which makes the nights a bit restless, but there is also live music in the port on Thursday and many nice restaurants.

If you are looking for a city where you can relax a bit, get away from the hustle and bustle and still have everything available, then this is an ideal place.

A little off our bay, about 500m, there is a large Carrefour and a Mercadona,
right at the end of the bay is an Italian ice cream parlor and a little further back there is a market where you can get all sorts of household items and a lot of general goods.

And today, on Saturday, we set out to go to the weekly market.
The description on the internet says that he is in and around “Calle Murcia” is located.
So from the port about 1 km away.
Unfortunately, this information was not really precise, “Calle Murcia” was correct, the display in Google Maps was somewhere between Spar and supermarket.
We then passed the supermarket, on to Aldi and we still haven’t been to the weekly market.
But the nice lottery seller in front of the Aldi helped us – this weekly market is just outside, behind the town sign in “Calle Murcia”, so it’s no longer in the city area.

But the long walk was worth it, here you can find a lot of things that make up a typical Spanish market, unfortunately also a lot of cheap clothes from the Far East.

At this time of the year (July), vegetables and fruit are available in a very large selection from many stands and are of very good quality. Everything is ok for the price. In between there are fish dealers, the usual sausage and tapas sellers, stands that only offer olives and products made from them, two grilled chicken stands and all sorts of special things from Spain.
But we also found two stands with real craftsmen who still weave baskets.
A successful excursion for a Saturday morning, because this market closes at 1 p.m. depending on the number of visitors.

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