Weird game

Today is very weird, we’re here in a bay, a little bit above Cartagena. We got strong winds, abot 15-18 knots and decided to sail down to Almeria.
Just started 30 minutes, and the wind stops, going down to 3-4 knots.
So we motored, until we’re close to Almeria – close to destination and wind came up again.
Windy-App told us diffrent story, we should have perfect wind until we were in Almeria … weired.

Next step – we had a nice evening, too warm, but still ok and decided to have a pizza. Just ready to go,
handbag is on deck and I’m looking pretty with lipstich, skirt and so on.
Last steps, just put the outbord to the dinghy, extra fuel canister, paddels.
For having this more convienent we had opend the bathing-platform.
But it closes only 90%, the last 20 cm stay open. So we have to repair it (just a switch, which was a little bit corroded. WD40 oil and worked) But it takes 2 hours to find the problem – and we give up. Sweaty, dirty and tired we eat at the boat and stayed here.

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