Ready to get your personal adventure ?

We offer cabin charter, but – you also get a personalised luxury offer for the same price if you are a group

Cost Savings

Chartering directly from us is more cost-effective as you may avoid additional fees and markups that charter companies typically charge

Personalized Service

Dealing directly with us means more personalized service.

Local Knowledge

We got intimate knowledge of the yacht and its surroundings. We know every screw on the yacht by it’s name.


What you see is what you get. You’re not getting a yacht in the category you book depending on availability, you get exactly that yacht.

Get it customised

we’re offering trips for couples and singles, but you could also get it tailormade for a group of max. 5 persons – we dislike a crowded boat where everybody has too less intimity

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$ 100.00

Product Title

$ 100.00

Product Title

$ 100.00

Client Testimonials

Ibiza Grill & Chill Family Trip We chose this provider because we were able to rent the entire yacht for ourselves - with 4 people occupying it. Even in the preliminary conversation he appeared to be very flexible and willing to respond to our wishes. A dream, they asked about our preferences, the yacht was provided exactly as we wanted and our two children had their own cabin. Enough space to feel comfortable and everything we have missed on charter yachts so far, delicious cocktails, fresh, homemade bread and a chef who comes from a professional kitchen. We were able to adapt the tour in consultation and got to know the most beautiful sides of Ibiza. Unfortunately, our youngest son spent a bit of time on his cell phone the first few days - having Starlink always available can also be a distraction, but thanks to the effort Sarah made with him, he finally thawed out and took the SUP or the fishing rod - and he even got lucky and caught something. After that, he was rarely on his cell phone and, like all of us, regretted that the vacation was over at some point. Thanks to Sarah and Chris who gave us many wonderful days. Klaus and family
Klaus & Family
God in the galley - romantic trip Hello, Stef and I sailed with Chris and Sarah in Malta at the end of February, it was just FANTASTIC!!!! Both are super nice and totally uncomplicated. Chris is a god in the galley, we even preferred his cooking to a Maltese restaurant on the last evening. The Hanse is also super great, with everything you can imagine in terms of equipment and the cabin was also very large and comfortable. We particularly liked the bean bags on the foredeck - perfect for chilling out while sailing in light winds. The last evening with grappa and whiskey and the interesting stories will be unforgettable for us *lick*. I wish you a lot of fun and all future sailors. And maybe it will work at the beginning of September *wink* Best regards Ecki and Stef
Ecki and Stef

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